Stewardship 2019

Stewardship Season has begun! Our theme of First Fruits invites us to consider giving to the Lord from our abundance of talent, time, and treasure in thanksgiving. Look out for materials, presentations, and opportunities to reflect over the next six weeks!

A Letter from the Rector

October 6, 2019

Dear Church of the Redeemer family,

It is exciting to look around Redeemer and see the beauty of our sanctuary, share in the worship each Sunday, see the renewal of our windows and the beauty Fall brings to our gardens, and wonder with thankfulness at the work God has done for and through us over the past year. The Body of Christ is called to drink deeply from the well of blessings in the common life of worship and service we share. It is from the abundance of blessing, both in our personal lives and as a church, that we examine in this Stewardship season the offering of our first fruits to God in the Temple, that today as Christians in the Church we do with the freedom we have in Christ.

The first fruits under the law in Deuteronomy were offered as a sacrifice to God, and other offerings were also brought which would be shared and then distributed among others as they had need. This redistribution of resources would have relieved the need of those with less. Considering the ministry and mission of our church, offering out of your abundance, could you consider the commitment of your time, talent, and treasure to God as an act of devotion as well as a trust that God will use what you give to repair the breach, relieve the needy, sustain our Church operations, and support our common worship and outreach?

Redeemer continues to renew through new members, and also honors the needs of those who have been here longer.

For the mission ahead that calls us to grow into the Body that is a new creation each day, would you please offer out of your abundance a generous pledge to Redeemer by the end of October for this coming year? As we share in our ministry, we discover indeed that the many parts of the body are indispensable to bless and heal each other part. May our community’s offerings produce the fruitful blessing that comes when we act out of generosity.

Yours in Christ,

Michael B. Foley+

Stewardship Campaign Schedule

September 29 – Stewardship Campaign Kickoff & Michael’s Letter Mailed

October 6th – Lay Speaker

October 13th – Lay Speaker & Pledge Cards Mailed

October 20 – Lay speaker

October 27 – Lay Speaker & Discussion Day w/ coffee hour

November 17 – Commitment Sunday

December 1 – Announce Final Campaign Status