Prayers for Difficult Times

If you, someone, or groups of people at large are in need of prayer, you may use as an additional resource this link to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco who has collected prayers from across our church.


Long-Term Prayer List

B.J. Biefield, Jennifer Bishop, Nancy Bolden, James Brand, Judy Criss, Frances Dannenberg, Mimi Doboy, Jim Edgar, Janet Ferguson, Amy Filbert, Phyllis Moorman Goode, Chris Holcomb, Barry Horton, Judith, George Kehm, Joyce Moorman Lee, Michael Leeming, Ken Mallon, Megan McDonald, Bob Miller, Rose Miller, Steve Navilliat, Ray Owen, Rachel Reichart, Luther Rinehart, Ann Roberts, K. Marlene Roberts, Suzi Rubin, Dick Smethurst, Jessica Travis, Eli Twarek, Dianne Watson,  Maya Wilkerson.


Church of the Redeemer Pittsburgh stained glass