Letter from the rector

Dear Redeemer Family and Friends,

The heinous murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue remind us of the ongoing insanity when people live from hate, prejudice and racism. Feelings of anger, revenge, despair and grief embody our senses. These murders give rise to our need for each other and God. In our commitment to bring love, concern and understanding to others, we recall the promise that “what you have done for the least of these, you have done to me.” In pain, loss, and confusion remember that Christ shares these feelings with us, and in serving others, we meet Christ.

So, we must stand with those who mourn, are angry and in shock. We must be present, comfort, and grieve. It is the only Way that offers hope to our community and our Jewish neighbors. We are prepared to walk the Way that promises hate never has the last word. Never. The present darkness is all too real, and there the Light of Christ calls from us that our compassion be brought.

I ask you to pray for the victims and their families, for our community of Squirrel Hill, and for Redeemer. Redeemer must actively join with our Jewish neighbors in their grief, anger and hopelessness and trust our presence to be sufficient to the cause of love and justice, and trust the long process of healing to God.

Yours faithfully,


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